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Victoria Restorations provides authentic Venetian plaster, only using materials imported from Italy and Morrocco. These beautiful finishes add a touch of prestige to the interior and exterior of residential, commercial, hospitality, or any other building where a rich aesthetic is desired. Venetian plasters can be used for old-world or contemporary designs, and even historical restoration. 


Offering a diverse range of surface treatments for residential and commercial clientele. Uncompromising in detail, flexible in creative approach and innovative in implementing custom tailored solution.


Venetian plaster is not a painted-on faux finish. It is a genuine Italian limestone mixed with fine Carrara marble aggregate—applied by an experienced applicator—that, when light reflects on the finish, enriches the colors, giving organic warmth to the walls. Limestone actually beautifies with age, emphasizing the natural movement and durability throughout its life on the wall.

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We specialize in custom wall treatments such as Marmorino Carrara, Marmorino Classic, Tadelakt, Intonachino, Velvet Marmorino,Veneciano, Venetian Plaster & Tuscan


We offer high quality Gold, Silver and Copper leafing services for many substrates including curved or domed ceilings, custom furniture and casework.


Tadelakt is a shiny and almost waterproof Marrakech lime coating. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in bathrooms and on the floor.


We can match any finish for service or repair, including custom wood graining, plaster relief, metallic and other specialized decorative techniques.


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All of our plaster finishes are custom fusion treatments that combine traditional Italian lime products and techniques. Come and pick out the perfect lime plaster finish to complement any of your most authentic projects.


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