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Venetian Plaster / Tadelakt

Venetian plasters are a durable and non-toxic choice for remarkable surfaces. If you want to choose authentic Lime Ventian Plaster for your next project, we will support you through the design and installation.

Concrete Finishing

Even concrete is not unbreakable and can succumb to time and corrosion. Nevertheless, the damage can be repaired by some repair tactics. We have the qualification and track record to apply reliable techniques efficiently.

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Heritage Restorations

We provide  a full range of masonry restoration services that include but are not limited to:

- Masonry repointing.

- Brick replacement.

- Sandstone restoration.

- Shoring and anchoring.

- Stucco repair.

- Masonry coatings.

- Concrete patching.

Drywall and Taping

Our highly skilled drywall technicians will repair and match your walls and ceilings to perfection.  Damage to surfaces can include holes, cracks, water or smoke damage, etc. Repair can be complex, but if done correctly, it will look like new without dirt.

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Part of our purpose is to provide the highest quality care for all your projects, which means maintaining professional etiquette and ensuring a clean and efficient finish. At all times, we maintain constant communication with you to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but are exceeded.

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