Smooth Style

With this Kind of finishing we can stamp the concrete,  give it any kind of texture and stain it and also can be done with Venetian Plaster  finishing


This style of finishing feels to the touch like marble, the white spots means that the material has filled all the uneven surface and when painted will be totally smooth, this finishing is perfect for columns that  will be painted.


Venetian plaster in Victoria

This is a finishing where you can see the original concrete with some small holes still there but the big holes have been patched, all the corners are straight and the tie holes are exposed but all the damaged have been repaired

Overcoat style


This style is to renew an old exiting wall, for this we have to be sure that our old wall is completely clean and have no moss, dust or loose parts. 

Stamp texture style and venetian plaster in Victoria

Smoothing an old existing wall

Green style

we recommend to seal the concrete because it gets more protection but with this kind of finishing it could be good with out it.

For this kind of finishing we always recommend to seal it, it is because 
having a layer, it is better to protect it

To get this finishing is necessary to start since the form work, the wood for the forming have to be prep first and after striping the form fix all the corners and fill big holes, mix a good  color in order to match existing color.


Smooth style for painting on round columns and concrete wall

Wood texture style

With this kind of finishing after filling all the big holes and fixing imperfections we apply a coat on the whole surface making it look with a single tone color, here we have no holes at all, everything is patched.